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A young attorney looks to gain a position at a prestigious law firm while secretly dating his boss’ daughter, who he’s hoping to marry; but when his loving girlfriend decides to arrange a surprise family weekend get-together, Travis Stanley’s plans blow up in his face, especially with the arrival of his ghetto-fied family, the Stankershets.

The story of Seyolo Zantoko, who as a freshly graduated doctor of Congolese descent in France, struggled with his family to integrate in a small rural village, and ended up being considered as one of the most respected doctors in the area.

Christmas designer Leslie Major is the biggest fan of Christmas ever. Her biggest job every year is decorating the lobby of the famed Chesterton Hotel.Justin Fashanu rose to fame in 1980 after scoring the goal of the season against Liverpool, leading a generation of black footballers through the English league.Abandoned as a child and raised by a white foster family in the UK, he faced plenty of uphill battles.The Black Jacket (2016)Director: Ryan Simon In the rough neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles, former Black Panther Aquil Basheer fights gang violence with education and communication.A former Black Panther in South Central Los Angeles teaches a course that brings rival gang members and community outreach workers together to prevent bloodshed in their communities.

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There Regina starts a whirlwind romance with eccentric multi-millionaire Ulysses Danbert. We will all find out at the big Christmas party at The Chesterton Hotel.

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  1. Both Suzie and Saks recognise that they could not have led this life in their respective home countries, but maintain that they are still “very much Arab and Pakistani”. You have to love Pakistan,” Suzie says.“I think we both wanted to absorb and learn as much as we could about each other’s cultures,” Saks adds. Being open to different cultures is the only way to fight racism, they believe.“I don’t use the word ‘assimilated’, because it means you’ve lost something,” the comic says. “That is like you pick and choose, like cafeteria style.”The couple has built a life for themselves and their son, despite their detractors’ predictions that it wouldn’t work.

  2. Brands like Adidas, H&R Block, and Sears have set up shop. Ever since ran a breathless cover story titled "My Virtual Life" more than a year ago, reporters have been heralding Second Life as the here-and-now incarnation of the fictional Metaverse that Neal Stephenson conjured up 15 years ago in Second Life partisans claim meteoric growth, with the number of "residents," or avatars created, surpassing 7 million in June.