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If you use an Apple Mac, try the Mac Cam webcam drivers and Cam Spinner to capture images and record video.

If you have a PC try this this tutorial blitzer.Parts, you will need: - A USB webcam, I've used a Sony PS2 Eyetoy camera - A plastic 'twist pack' container (I've used a DP50 050, from Rose Plastics) - Some thick card, or mounting board with at least one white side - An old toilet roll tube - Some double sided sticky tape - A 150ohm resistor - One bright white LED (I took mine from an old torch) - About 20cm of thin, coated wire (preferably two colours, can be multi-strand or single core)Tools that will help: - Soldering iron and solder (lead free) - A scalpel and two blades - 1 new and one old blade - A cutting compass (or normal compass if you don't have a cutting compass) - A small Philips screwdriver - Small flat or pinch nose pliers - Wire strippers1 - A steel rule - Hot glue gun - Small, fine bladed saw, ideally a jewellers piercing saw - Hole punch (for paper/card) - Large pliers Mark and cut a hole (about 35mm wide) in the top and bottom of the twist pack.

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Inspired by various online, DIY USB microscope projects and this project on in particular , I decided to have a go with creating my own USB microscope with different cameras and bits and pieces I had lying around. I know that the twist pack container might not be the easiest thing to get hold of, but its neat and works really well.

One of my primary objectives was to devise a way of focusing the camera that was simple, robust and didn't rely on complex assembly and machine tools. I'm due to run workshops demonstrating this project at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire in September 2013 so I'm hoping this instructable will help me stress test the approach ahead of then. I sourced my from Rose Plastics in the UK but had to purchase a minimum order of 100, which works if your planning to run workshops not so much if you're building a one off.

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P.p.s Your computer may not automatically recognise the Eye Toy camera used in this project (it's a playstation 2 camera model number SCEH-0004).

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