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It consists of an orbiter, an external tank, and two solid rocket boosters. Propellants are fed to the engines from the external tank.The external tank holds the propellant, which consists of liquid hydrogen and LOX.They must be loaded into the rocket just before launching.Solid propellants are loaded into the rocket at the factory, and are then ready to use.Gravity pulls everything to the earth and gives objects their weight.A rocket overcomes gravity by producing thrust (a pushing force).

Overcoming gravity is the biggest problem in getting into space.The reaction force created by the acceleration of the gas particles leaving the rocket engine causes the forward push on the rocket.This forward push on the rocket is the thrust, which is strong enough to lift the rocket from the ground. Liquid-propellant rockets work by combining a fuel, such as kerosene or liquid hydrogen, with an oxidiser, such as liquid oxygen (LOX). Solid-fuel rockets use dry chemicals as propellants.These engines are also used for manoeuvring during orbit.The orbiter enters the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of more than 25,800 kilometers per hour.

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The spacecraft must lose speed instead of gaining it.

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