Vb stored procedure not updating database

Create a Department controller the same way you did the earlier controllers, except this time select the Use async controller actions check box.

The following highlights show what was added to the synchronous code for the This code changes the title from Index to Departments, moves the Administrator name to the right, and provides the full name of the administrator.

In earlier tutorials you learned how to read and update data using the synchronous programming model.

In this tutorial you see how to implement the asynchronous programming model.

With synchronous code, many threads may be tied up while they aren't actually doing any work because they're waiting for I/O to complete.

For information about how to do that, see Entity Framework Code First Insert/Update/Delete Stored Procedures.If you want to customize what generated stored procedures do, you can edit the scaffolded code for the migrations method that creates the stored procedure.That way your changes are reflected whenever that migration is run and will be applied to your production database when migrations runs automatically in production after deployment.If you're not going to use that functionality, then you might as well use Execute Non Query :) cmd. Add("@new In Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate.Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

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