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Perhaps just blindly updating the version of Bittorrent all the time is not the best option.

Sometimes we need to reset the setting to take advantage of the new software settings.

Update: The enthusiasm I had after making some of the torrents work faded when I noticed most of the other torrents were still not working.

Hi, I’ve just moved from Sick Rage to Sonarr and I’m having some troubles importing my previous library. I have Sonarr setup using u Torrent and the label .

When I directed Sonarr to my TV Shows folder, it detected all my shows fine and added them, however it seems that they are all stuck in my Queue, and are causing a lot of errors. I’m not sure if that would cause a problem, but My Documents is the directory u Torrent thinks its working in, but the files are actually stored on the M drive.

If a web based tracker goes down, the torrents stay alive because peers can act as “nodes” keeping the swarm intact, and the torrent alive.

So you could say that the DHT layer serves as a peer-to-peer tracker.

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Trackers Die Unfortunately Bit Torrent trackers don’t live forever.

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