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I've not seen any virus outbreak through email on a Notes installation in 25 years.

I've seen and heard (first hand) of oh so many on the MS front.

Nobody cares when that happens, they simply blame something else.

I can use "select @all" to select all the docs, I can use "select categories = "category name"" to select one category - but then the subcategories are left out.If you use the catalog, you could set up a 'after documents are created or modified' agent to run with a target of 'all new or modified documents' Then you can check for each one if a replica exists, and if not, create it don't forget the loss of functionality as well.The MS environment simply can do less, and has less safety.If you need to know specifically whether a form etc behaved in a certain way at a certain time, then you would need to restore from backup and manually check the code.If they're asking for the changes to documents, unless the app disables it you can report *which* documents changed in a certain time interval.

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This feature is enabled, standard, but it can be changed.

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