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Besides, I could use the change of pace, as well as the few thousand dollars I'll get for a month of employment.

So I'll be working for a few weeks, and may be posting less often.

But honestly, in the last year or two, the work has been drying up.

Urban Dictionary defines Deadhead as “a person who greatly enjoys the music of the Grateful Dead and particularly the genius of Jerry Garcia.” But decades ago, a subset of fans cranked up that devotion to a whole new level and began following the band from city to city. Martin, Carlos Santana, Nancy Pelosi, Mario Batali, and yes, Ann Coulter have in common? They are all members of the inimitable community of Grateful Dead fans commonly and affectionately known as Deadheads.This subset grew in number, soon giving birth to a community with its own set of rules and even slang. S., where the demand to see the foursome live gave rise to stadium rock.I have the time to spare since B and I have completed our move, and at least the first phase of our home renovation is over.I am leaving for Florida in a week; but this is the type of job I can take with me and do on the road, working on my computer.

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after attending a 1971 New York City concert that “regulars greeted other regulars, remembered from previous boogies, and compared this event with a downer in Boston or a fabulous night in Arizona.” And the band took notice.

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