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Britain had won its first real victory of the war, and its value to public morale was incalulable.I am deeply indebted to the following works, upon which I have relied for this account — • Alfred Price — "Battle of Britain Day" and "The Hardest Day" • Stephen Bungay — "The Most Dangerous Enemy" • Tom Neil — "Gun Button to Fire" • Richard Townshend Bickers — "The Battle of Britain" • Winston Churchill — "Their Finest Hour" — and also to the following for their help.One Luftwaffe report thought it must have contained “up to eighty aircraft” – rather than 56.

It was becoming clear that we were likely to break before the enemy. At Uxbridge, Winston Churchill and Keith Park emerge from the bunker to get some air.

Holmes then tried to investigate his own crash site, with the help of a Home Guardsman.

But people realised who he was took him to Chelsea Barracks.

" Holmes was still in the clothes he had thrown on as he left the bath. And here’s what the Voelkische Beobachter had to say.

The Germans have exaggerated their kills in the same way.

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