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I would like to start playing with my young son but there are way too many over sexualised games. The issue isn't "there is nudity in this game" but more -how- nudity and sexuality are typically apporached in most games, which can often be described as juvenile at best and sexist at worst.: MMOs are tricky because there typically is so much content that there's bound to be something inappropriate for young children somewhere in the game, and even if there isn't there's always the interaction with other players to worry about.Space or vehicle-type MMOs are generally better because they are not based on characters.Visitors should dress in time period-appropriate clothing - they take this stuff pretty seriously.There are cabaret clubs on every corner, the Charleston is the dance of choice and the preferred methods of transport are bike and tram.This is completely customizable, so it's not necessary for it to be a human - it could be an animal, or a vegetable.

Twilek dancers will be about as bad as it gets and maybe a few casual references to sex in the vast sea of dialog that game has to offer.More miniature worlds-within-worlds are on the way soon.In fact, the possibilities of this game are almost endless.To pay for services, players need Linden dollars, and they can be bought with real money - right now, 1 USD buys 250 in-game Linden dollars.An interesting consequence of this is that players, provided they have enough time, can actually use Second Life as a kind of substitute for actually getting a real-life job.

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You should also remember that for a lot of players, this game is role play.

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