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The magic ingredient seems to be time: given enough time to form an attachment, apparently, all will be forgiven. I wish the film had included give-and-take between the protagonists.Most of them seemed slightly amused and slightly amazed at the uncanny fact of their relationships.The fear that permeates online dating has a special character, precisely because of the anonymity, concealment, and outright deception that are infinitely easlier to accomplish on the internet than in the realm those who live online describe as “RL.” Yes, you guessed it: Kim, who packed a wedding gown and flew to Prague to marry a man she had never spoken to.Dave, who met scores of women before having to reveal a physical shortcoming.Desire can speak for itself: boundless, ubiquitous, self-generating, ever-renewing.

Watching his SL romance with Beth/Nickel, whose own online self-portrait bears not the slightest resemblance to her real appearance, is slightly voyeuristic, like watching two psyches stripped bare to the id.

You get to know the ins and outs …of the person.” If physicality is as irrelevant to online attraction as so many SLers claim, then why not choose a generic avatar, one that obviates the whole question of appearance?

Imagine SL populated with deeply fascinating characters with smiley faces, or blank masks with question marks where the features ought to be.

Beth, who nearly gave up on love before going online at age 30.

Ryan, who Googled “gay” and received a big surprise.

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