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Sub Sample1() Dim i As Long, j As Long, cnt As Long Dim buf() As String, swap As String cnt = Worksheets. Count Re Dim buf(cnt) '[NV[gzɓ For i = 1 To cnt buf(i) = Worksheets(i). So, instead of using the Worksheet_Change event, you could use the workbook’s Before Print event, to reduce the Undo problem.

As long as you avoid merging table cells, and proceed with caution, things might be okay. Move After:=Worksheets(i - 1) Next i '_~[V[g폜 Application. You’ve most likely heard this warning — “Avoid merged cells in your Excel worksheets! Merged cells can cause problems, especially when they’re in a table that you’ll be sorting and filtering.You need to track that each team member is completing their assigned task on or before the dead-line.If any of the team member is crossing the deadline one email should be sent to that person automatically from the Outlook configured on your system or Server wherever this Excel Tracker is kept.

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