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Filled with season-long in-jokes, perfect site gags and spot-on wordplay, Arrested Development is a comedy that needs to be watched on repeat - and even then you will find something new to laugh at.Seasons on Netflix: 4 Freddie Highmore was one of the sweetest child actors around in his younger years, playing cherubic children in the likes of Finding Neverland and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.It’s trialling news things, such as the Puss In Boots choose your own adventure show and is a big advocate for 4K and HDR content.Oh, and it finally did something it said it never would - allow you to download many of its shows to watch Netflix offline.

Archer is a brilliant send-up of spy movies of yore, complete with some of the best voiceover talent - many of which have been pruned from the cast of Arrested Development.It doesn’t have the menace or fear that propelled Walter White in Breaking Bad, instead it takes its time to paint a picture of Saul Goodman, someone that was in Bad mainly for comic relief.In his own show, though, creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have created a well-rounded, means well character whose descent into criminality is a slow burn.Seasons on Netflix: 4 Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad.That’s a sentence we never thought we would write, but it’s now three seasons and it is flawless TV.

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