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The popularity of CPGs is increasing and the number of institutions developing and updating them independently is growing.For more mainstream subjects, there often are many international CPGs and several others within a particular country or even region.This issue is discussed in more detail in Chapter 2 (Section 2.1).Developing and updating CPGs are both costly and time-consuming processes.Each organization needs to be realistic about the number of CPGs it can develop and this decision should also take into account the number of CPGs it can feasibly keep updated. At the most costly end of the spectrum are updates which are virtually continuous processes (living guidelines).

Depending on the intrinsic nature of the subjects to be addressed, each individual organization needs to consider how many CPGs per year it can feasibly develop and keep fully updated.

This monitoring should be a preliminary stage in the updating process rather than part of updating itself, as monitoring indicates whether or not a CPG actually needs to be updated.

During the monitoring phase, it is recommended to consider using more inexpensive (in terms of both time and resources) strategies with more than those used for the updating process itself.

CPGs developed by organizations with smaller budgets often remain outdated for excessively long periods of time which can negatively affect the credibility of both the CPGs and the developing organizations.

Some suggestions for minimizing the financial repercussions of updating CPGs are as follows: Developing CPGs takes time and so does updating them.

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