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Windows Live Agents are chatterbot agents for Windows Live Messenger that is part of Microsoft's Windows Live services.They provide users the ability to interact with the agents through Windows Live Messenger to get more information about specific topics. Can we please call it quits on forcing every situation into one that encourages finding a mate/partner/fancy person? But now it’s sliding into your work DMs in the form of a Slack extension. The premise is that you add the Feeld bot to your Slack team and then tell it who you have feelings for.There are few havens where one can find single sanctity. And even though there’s always that underlying possibility of developing an office crush that you don’t acknowledge until someone spots you straddling someone in the corner at the Christmas party, that’s the beauty of it. And then if you don’t match, no one but you and the bot will know. Awkward accidental hook ups between colleagues definitely happen, which makes for fantastic kitchen gossip.Barack Obama Robot ([email protected]) - A virtual 2008 US presidential candidate.Hacker ([email protected]) - "Part of the Messenger Friends" Alfred ([email protected]) - "Part of the Messenger Friends" Frank ([email protected]) - The bot that knows all about drugs in the UK.If you’re trying to get your head around why oh why we need a dating app at work, the Feeld for Slack manifesto says: ‘The workplace often introduces us to like-minded humans. Dimo and Ana work together and believe that feelings can enhance one's life.’ Dimo and Ana aren’t wrong. Is there not a quiet beauty in awkwardly shuffling past Howard’s desk in a NSFW outfit to make sure that you’re on his mind the day before you all go out for drinks? The threesome turned couples and singles turned office matchmaking app does have rules though.

A journey of self-discovery awaits as you explore your Zodiac Horoscope, Tarot Card and Chinese Readings, your dreams and more." Muse ([email protected]) - "Hi! I want you to do the write thing and fill your Windows Live Spaces blog.Little Green Bulb ([email protected]) - Educates people about energy efficient light bulbs, and take pledges from people to replace bulbs Games Bot ([email protected]) - Play five different games with this bot [email protected] A bot that supposedly intercepts alien [email protected] "To commemorate the PDC and the launch of the MSN Messenger Activity API, we have created a Bot that will give you more info about the Worlds Best App contest as well as info about the PDC." Hillary Robot ([email protected]) - A virtual 2008 US presidential candidate.Movie Scout ([email protected]) - "With Movie Scout you can find movies near you.Search by genre or look at what's playing at your favorite movie theater.

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Not in some clunky mechanical fashion either, but in ways that can help save you money on flights, send pizza to your door or provide you with the perfect one liner.

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