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dia " Nea Marin miliardar " este cel mai vizionat film romanesc din toate timpurile, reiese dintr-un clasament realizat de Uniunea Autorilor si Realizatorilor de Film din Romania.Pelicula regizata de Sergiu Nicolaescu in 1979 a inregistrat pana in prezent nu mai putin de 14, 5 milioane de telespectatori.

Apparently Michael was displeased with the final form of the treaty negotiated by his envoys, but was forced to comply.

Sigismund was forced to justify his actions before the European powers, since Aron had played an active role in the anti-Ottoman coalition.

Later on, in the same city of Alba Iulia, Wallachian boyars signed a treaty with Sigismund on Michael's behalf.

From the point of view of Wallachian internal politics, the Treaty of Alba Iulia officialized what could be called a boyar regime, reinforcing the already important political power of the noble elite.

According to the treaty, a council of 12 great boyars was to take part alongside the voivode in the executive rule of the country.

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