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I tried squeezing it once which obviously was a bad idea and made it red and inflamed.To stop myself I took a q tip and put some calamine on it and left it overnight. The swelling Went down completely and the redness reduced 90%. Plus you only need a tiny bit of product and the bottle is huge so for Canadian a bottle will last you forever.Calamine lotion is nothing more than zinc ferric oxide clay calcium hydroxide (lime) - those are the only true "active/inactive" ingredients. It has a topical analgesic to numb pain and swelling.You do not want to slather this as a primer for your face.

I rated packaging 2 because the one I buy comes in a large glass bottle I have to use my own plastic travel bottles for it. - During my 26 years of life, I have struggled with my skin on many levels.As i said, it brings out the oils and they then sit on your face under the makeup.Some people have used this in conjunction with their liquid foundation and said it looked good, I haven't tried that method.I will say though, I’ve seen a lot of reviews about putting this on a popped pimple and I do not advise it unless you’re okay with having a pink spot on your face until the scab heals.I found putting it on acne scabs only made me want to pick them more because the pink product gets soaked into the scab and stays even after washing.

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