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Anyway, Classique is an interesting mix - it's clean soapy and dirty oriental at the same time! I actually wore this Putting up the Christmas tree.

It feels very vintage (think of glamorous 50's Hollywood) but doesn't really translate dated either. I tested EDT and EDP side by side and preferred the EDT due to it's more pronounced spice and white floral aspects. I'm wearing this one as a switch up from my Angel Muse. I had this perfume years ago because my father loves the JPG cologne and thought it would be a great match for my mother.

It doesn't agree with my skin at all, it's so faint yet a bit sharp and not very pleasant.

But I just dabbed some on my hair, and I can't believe how nice it is, slightly powdery, clean smelling, softly sweet vanilla floral with a hint of something citrusy.

I've been wearing Classique since the early '90's and I just adore it so much. I have no preference between the EDT and the EDP - I love them both and the lasting power is fantastic.

Now, it is called Classique and comes both as eau de perfume and eau de toilette.

Anyway, I love the dry oil version because it's soft and wonderful to wear to bed or when I'm spending a night in cuddling with my SO, but I'll definitely test the perfume soon.

Silly me, edp is the one with lace pattern, the one here on this page IS the edt.

Vanilla and sensual amber gently embrace in the base. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier.

This was my very first perfume given to me as a present. But OMG this was SOOO strong and i remember only needing a teeny weeny bit as it would stay on me all day.

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What makes Classique such a modern classic fragrance? Yes, Classique is very powdery, and vanilla-y, and I get the lovely hint of anise in it. I often think tag lines are kitschy and sure enough when I smelled this one I rolled my eyes internally because I do in fact agree that this is "a fragrance that promises pleasure". Good for going to bed with someone but also just good for going to bed.

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