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" remains relatively unchanged as far as spelling and pronunciation are concerned.

For example, the word mau (want), is replaced with the word mawar originally meaning rose.

The differences between formal and colloquial Indonesian are most evident in vocabulary and grammatical structures (e.g. The structure of the Indonesian slang language is mostly derived from formal Indonesian, however its vocabularly is a different story altogether.

Indonesian slang vocabulary is enriched by a combination of derivatives or loan words/ structures from foreign languages such as Min Nan commonly referred to as Hokkien, English, and Dutch, as well as local ethnic languages such as Batavian, Sundanese, and Javanese.

Despite its creativity and originality, this latest form of Indonesian slang can be quite complicated to understand, even to the native Indonesians themselves.

For example: Akika tinta mawar macarena originates from the sentence written in proper Indonesian - Aku tidak mau makan meaning 'I don't want to eat'.

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This was also an attempt among LGBT community to alter the word to become more "French-sounding" thus sounds more sexy, for example: Many slang particles are used in the end of a sentence.

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