Intimidating four letter words

Now, however, the Tribunal will hear evidence related to another garda whistleblower, Keith Harrison and, within the terms of reference, is tasked with investigating “contacts between” gardaí and Tusla in relation to Harrison. What is being alleged, and what will the Tribunal examine?

The pair resumed a relationship again, years later, in late 2010.

He has alleged that people he previously arrested were approached and asked whether they wished to make complaints against him, that surveillance was placed on him and that information about a garda inquiry into him was deliberately leaked.

The whistleblower, who was eventually transferred to Buncrana in Co Donegal, was on leave due to work-related stress for 30 months, up to November 2016.

TODAY, THE DISCLOSURES Tribunal will resume after its summer recess.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton heard evidence from a variety of parties in June and July, all of which related to the false allegations made against garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice Mc Cabe.

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