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Sure, his redneck pompadour and puggish face may suggest the fattest, laziest fuck south of Raleigh-Durham, but tell your instincts to shut the hell up and assess the comedian for his whole: a sebaceous tower of Dixie-fried virility. — 16) Amy Winehouse Her undeniable talent helps mitigate her looks, sure, but more importantly, Amy Winehouse owns being a strung-out mess in a way nobody else has since the '70s.

Whether playing a sad-sack sensei in , New York City's transsexual empress has stretched both the boundaries of gender and her own epidermis, thanks to oodles of elective surgeries. That's a pretty lively roster for a guy who once admitted, "I'm death on wheels, the way I look." Yes, Marilyn, death on wheels. With her labyrinth of hair, naked-girl tattoos and extremely public substance-abuse problem, she looks and acts the way the media wishes every star looked and acted.

Nothing like Madame Lepore exists in nature, so it's inevitable to think of her as a nigh-mythic creature, or some kind of freaky Plasticine wet dream. Not everyone can do it with this much poise, though, and when she's on stage, all the drug problems in the world pale in comparison.

But when it comes to sixty-two-year-olds who could still nail the shit out of you, the former Mr. Yeah, she's the girl your friends tell you not to go home with when you've had a few.Daisy exists in a world of cognitive dissonance, which makes her the perfect choice for a list like this one.—19) Danny Mc Bride Don't judge Danny Mc Bride.Don't pretend you wouldn't take that plunge. And his voice is the mating call of an elephant seal.But that dumb-puppy-dog look belies an animal lust; you get the feeling he might leap a table and suddenly start making out with you.

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