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8 – I can have occasional emotional days and not wonder if my dog will need therapy someday because of them.

However, the choice to not have kids and be an artist and a ‘pioneer’ isn’t a universal topic.

Not many people get excited about what you’ll name your next CD.)Mostly, I wanted a daughter.

I wanted people to be excited about what to call my kid.(Let’s face it.

The closest I’ve come to wanting kids was last year when I was getting a haircut. ” (I think Joy still has that message saved for future use.)I have friends who don’t have children and who never have moments like this one. She’d be too busy in her world travels to think of the mom who raised her to be so independent! I’m lucky to live in a town where there are lots of women who chose not to have children – so I have models on this path! They all agreed that the approval and crooning of older women is a huge perk when you’re a new mom.

Rebecca, my stylist, was pregnant with her second child, and all the stylists were hanging around picking boy names. The delight was palpable among these hip women and artsy gay men. They simply love their choice to not have children. (Besides, I’m planning to spontaneously combust before a nursing home is necessary.)The requests I’ve received to write this series of posts have come from women who are in the midst of making their own choices about children. I once heard medical-intuitive Caroline Myss talk about breast cancer. Now, I know this can seem like a petty thing to crave.

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