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Jack had managed to carry her up the spiral staircase and into their wedding suite, delivering her carefully upon the massive four post bed, before giving her a long and loving kiss on the mouth.He then trudged back downstairs to gather their honeymoon luggage. "You've packed far too much Sara, we're only gone a week. " he complained as dropped the suitcases in the corner of the room that included a lovely stone fireplace. A Lady dare not ever be unprepared." She quipped as she dug into one bag in particular that included her Wedding Trousseau.Her hair was raven black, and silky straight, like the kind one most associated with Chinese women.It reached down to the small of her back when not in a French braid or ponytail, as was her custom.Jack moaned slightly as the heady aroma of her perfume and natural musk filled his lungs. " she asked coyly, "I've had my Wax girl do something special for our wedding over the past couple of weeks" "I love it Sara!" his lips were soon fully involved in preparing her for the sex that was to come.She enjoyed him, feeling his love for her with each kiss.Eventually, Jack could not withhold his passion any longer, and his thrusts becoming harder and more insistent as his pace quickened.

It was her icy blue eyes however, that had seized young Jack's heart and led him a merry chase to their wedding day.The photos against the backdrop of the mill race and waterfall were in the classic style, as was their ceremonial departure to their wedding bed, in a vintage Rolls Royce.She and Jack, now finally able to relax, travelled the two miles to their hideaway hotel sipping on champagne and laughing in remembrance of the evening's antics, including her younger brother spinning out of control on the dance floor and crashing headlong into the band.For this evening she had settled on a champagne colored Simone silk gown that accentuated her shapely 34 C cup bust, narrow waist and shapely hips and backside.Sara was a striking young woman by anyone's standards.

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After a year of planning, stress and tribulation, Sara's wedding was done.

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