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Once you put the name of Ferrari next to the numbers 250, you can metaphorically start to print your own money.

Ferrari 250 models in all their forms are invariably the most prized and valued cars in the world, and this one had some interesting history – having been owned by celebrated French actor Alain Delon.

Nevertheless, there are genuine finds to be had out there.

A 1930s Mercedes convertible, a literal one-off made especially for racing driver Rudolf Caracciola, was found in the back of a Los Angeles junkyard.

Treat them with respect, and a long and happy relationship is yours. OK, maybe not always, and maybe not far, but such relationships aren’t supposed to be easy, and long-term relationships less so. True love is out there, waiting, from Alfa, Porsche, Tatra and dozens of other parents whose older models are still waiting to meet the right person, but the hour is drawing near.

“If only you would tell me what would make you happy. A woman about whom I know virtually everything necessary to keep her happy, who is always ready to go to dinner or on vacation.

The end has already begun, but I assure you, it’s not too late. And so it is with my 1973 Citroën SM, my one true love. A collection of 60 antique cars, dating from the 1930s to the 1970s, are parked on in makeshift shelters at the Gaillard property in the western French town of Echire.Photograph: Xavier Leoty/AFP/Getty Images It is the dream of every car enthusiast: to have a remote and padlocked shed and its contents bequeathed to us by a formerly unknown distant relative or benefactor.Many of the most interesting cars are from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, most are coach-built by French firms”.Then there was the real prize – a Ferrari 250 California SWB.

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A barn-find, the discovery of an unheralded collection of hugely valuable classic cars left mouldering in some agricultural shed, can turn ownership of a rotting building from a painful chore to a lucrative windfall. The most recent and celebrated case is of the Roger Baillon collection.

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