Dating early american pottery

Another important decoration method included designs incised or drawn in the wet clay with tools of wood or bone. Red and sometimes black or white paint was also used to decorate vessels.

Some vessels had their outsides "decorated" with paddles wrapped in small or large string or a simple burlaplike fabric.

Whether you found an interesting piece of pottery at a flea market, or have been storing a piece, turn it upside down and take a look for the mark on the bottom.

It may provide insight as to where, when, and by whom it was produced.

Many companies that did not follow suit quickly dissolved.

In 1917, the Lenox Company was invited to supply fine porcelain to the White House.

Since most pottery was probably made by women, young girls would undoubtedly have done their best to emulate accurately their mothers' lessons on the correct way to make a pot.

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Potting in those days was all done by hand and "throwing" on a potters wheel was the only method of forming the ware.

This was a first, as European companies previously always supplied fine dinnerware to the White House.

American pottery manufacturing was quite strong between 1930’s and 1950’s.

This early pottery dates to perhaps 4,500 years ago.

Most Indian pottery from Georgia was made of paste that was tempered with common sand.

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In 1839-1840, James Bennett, a trained English potter, began this chief industry in East Liverpool, Ohio.

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