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Sharīʿah (Islamic law), promoted often by the Prophet’s own descendants, developed in the urban centres; but outside them customary law persisted, sometimes diametrically opposed to Sharīʿah.

In Medina two problems confronted him—the necessity to enforce his role as arbiter and to raise supplies for his moves against Quraysh.

Tribes summoned to the banners of Islam launched a career of conquest that promised to satisfy the mandate of their new faith as well as the desire for booty and lands. Population movements of such magnitude affected all of Arabia; in Hadhramaut they possibly caused neglect of irrigation works, resulting in erosion of fertile lands.

In Oman, too, when Arab tribes evicted the Persian ruling class, its complex irrigation system seems to have suffered severely.

Umayyad forces defeated a Quraysh pretender, al-Ḥajjāj captured the city, and the pretender perished.

The violation of the sacred enclaves by troops, including Arab Christians, was an act of sacrilege, but it broke any power remaining with the tribal “supporters” in Medina.

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Hāshimite (Banū Hāshim) branch of the noble house of ʿAbd Manāf; though orphaned at an early age and, in consequence, with little influence, he never lacked protection by his clan.

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