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All necessary information to demonstrate compliance with the following conditions of consent must be included in the documentation for the construction certificate.

These conditions have been applied to satisfy the relevant requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000, Councils development consent conditions and to achieve reasonable levels of environmental amenity. The requirements and amendments detailed in the General Conditions must be complied with and be included in the construction certificate plans and associated documentation. The colours, materials and finishes of the external surfaces to the building are to be compatible with the existing building and surrounding buildings in the heritage conservation area and consistent with the architectural style of the building.

At the meeting it was resolved: (Smith/White) that: a) this matter be deferred for the applicant to consider the submission of amended plans which include the rear building line of the upper floor having a rear setback of approximately 15.6 metres to the eastern boundary, consistent with the existing upper floor additions of number 13 and number 7 Monmouth Street and the northern side balcony being deleted; and b) an invitation be extended to the applicant and objectors to enter into mediation.

Issues The applicant has advised Council that he did not wish to have a formal mediation and instead has been in discussions with the neighbouring residents.

At the time of this development consent, Long Service Levy payment is applicable on building work having a value of ,000 or more, at the rate of 0.35% of the cost of the works. The following damage / civil works security deposit requirement must be complied with prior to a construction certificate being issued for the development, as security for making good any damage caused to the roadway, footway, verge or any public place; and as security for completing any public work; and for remedying any defect on such public works, in accordance with section 80A(6) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979: 00.00 - Damage / Civil Works Security Deposit The damage/civil works security deposit may be provided by way of a cash, cheque or credit card payment and is refundable upon a satisfactory inspection by Council upon the completion of the civil works which confirms that there has been no damage to Council's infrastructure.

The owner/builder is also requested to advise Council in writing and/or photographs of any signs of existing damage to the Council roadway, footway, or verge prior to the commencement of any building/demolition works.

A copy of the plans shall be forwarded to Council, if Council is not the certifying authority.

Details of compliance are to be submitted to and approved by Councils Director City Planning. The north facing windows to the main bedroom must have a minimum sill height of 1.5m above floor level, or the windows must be fixed and be provided with translucent, obscured, frosted or sandblasted glazing below this specified height, or alternatively, the external lourves proposed must extend the full width of the windows.

The depth of the screens must have a minimum height of 1.5m above floor level and are to be fixed in an up ward angle to prevent overlooking.

Direction 4A: Improved design and sustainability across all development.

Direction 4B: New and existing development is managed by a robust framework.

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(ii) with a child proof and corrosion resistant fastening system (e.g. (iii) with a minimum of 4 x 90 mm diameter weep holes (preferably located in the walls of the pit at the floor level) and with a suitable geotextile material with a high filtration rating located around the weep holes.

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