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It helped us gain momentum in the mainstream hockey world, especially south of the border. A couple of English commentators will say, “Top shelf where mom keeps the cookie jar,” right? Now our kids play minor hockey.” The first time that happened, it dawned on me: At the grassroots level, this is literally growing the game. At a community event in Brampton in our early years, we drove up and saw a lineup for us.

Canadian hockey fans know what we’re doing because we’ve been around for a bit, but that took things to the next level. The That comes form Punjabi music, where singers compete to hold the longest note. In my pregame notes, I’d written “Bonino” for left wing, centre and right wing. You have Bonino-Bonino-Bonino.” Then he scored such a big goal, the adrenaline was pumping, and it just came out. My mom, one of her famous dishes is a homemade sweet, kinda like a fudge with different types of flours and sugar. Astragalus—if I ever feel the onset of a sore throat, I have that. You hear minor hockey enrollment is stagnant, but this is a service to the game of hockey.

So when Singh’s wife made a memory wall in their basement commemorating Harnarayan’s journey from bedroom broadcaster to airport sleeper to the first Sikh to broadcast an NHL game in English — his latest busted barrier, snapped a month ago in Calgary — she made certain to include a copy of Scott Morrison’s . As he sips tea in a Vancouver coffee shop before voicing a recent double-header, the talkative play-by-play man happily discusses his craft, his obstacles, and how he came to this dream he makes sing every Saturday night. I’m so lucky for the community; the Punjabi one has become so important.

It’s doing so much for the game for people growing up looking for a familiar face on TV.

There’s so many beautiful things happening from that, but I never shied away from the English side.

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