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Had Northern California chapter run by Bill Colburn that disbanded.

Developed RRS Beta rocket with Zn/S "Micrograin" propellant, can get to 10,000' From

Their cur-rent very ambitious plans include orbiting the first *completely* amateur satellite with a vehicle based on the "10K" (10,000 lb thrust) LOX/Kerosene motor now in development.

They have the decided advantage of *owning* their Mojave desert launch site which is adjacent to Edwards Air Force Base and thus protected by their "infinite" restricted airspace. Box 90306 World Way Postal Center Los Angeles, California 90009 ----------- From email from Bill Colburn 12/31/01: The RRS primarily worked with Micrograin, developed by George James and "Chatterly? Article is resurrecting the spirit of RMRS and project Hi Jump

HTM Per Jerry Irvine rmr post 1/22/94: I dont have their addresses handy.

Descendent of SCRS/GRS/RRS including some after-hours Aero Jet employees Currently owns the "Rocket Ranch" - Adobe Canyon Test Site Described in

Surely some of their members were in the British rocketry community eventually. Clark, of course, is one of their most famous members. A-4/V2 46' long, 5'5" dia, 8800lb empty, 28000lb loaded. 465hp (fuel 270hp 300psi, LOX 190hp)Turbo pump weighed 330lbs, powered by 370lb H202 & 29lb sodium permanganate, 3800 rpm. 140C skin temps 10/3/42 A4 to 60 miles first real successful flight.

From von Braun: The BIS cancelled their journal to devote more funds to projects, but membership quickly dropped. Developed GIRD-9 world's first hybrid, GIRD-10 liquid Merged with GDL to form RNII email from Bill Colburn 12/31/01: GIRD was almost an identical case to the Vf R. Very nice "Baustein Cards" Von Braun German Army Air force: From "200 Miles Up" by Vaeth p 143: German Me-163 powered by Walter HWK 109-500 motor burning hypogolic propellants: C-stoff = Hydrazine Hydrate, Methyl Alcohol, potassium cuprocyanide, and water T-stoff = concentrated Hyrdrogen Peroxide Penemunde group (previously at Kummersdorf): Tech Director Werner Von Braun, Director Walter Dornburger (Info from "200 Miles Up" - Vaeth: A-1 4' long 330lb, 1933, gyro stabilized, LOX/Ethyl Alcohol, 650lb thrust A-2 1934, gyro stabilized, LOX/Ethyl Alcohol, 650lb thrust, 1.5miles altitude similar to Goddard's rockets of the time A-3 21', 2' dia, 1650lbs, 1937, 3,000lb thrust, molybdenum control vanes (melted) A-5 (next after A-3) 2000lb, 10/1939, used graphite control vanes, increased diameter, better controls, parachute recovery. A-6 A-7 A-8 A-9 A-10 ------------------------- From email from Bill Colburn 12/31/01: The Vf R was very productive; quickly moved from "powder" rockets to liquids.

q=amateur organization&hl=en&group=rec.models.rockets&rnum=7&selm=9507232133. [email protected] of the oldest amateur rocketry organizations.

Founded in 1943, members of this Southern California group investigate all forms of reaction based vehicles: solid/liquid/hybrid.

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Including projects in Austrailia, Finland, Mexico, and Southern California (2).

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