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Some of the simple but extremely important lessons I’ve been told by my family members include: So why wasn’t I applying these things to my work as a blogger or copy writer?It’s often really tempting to think that just because our services or products are online we can just use email. But what I’ve found recently is that some of the most impressive sales and business relationships have only come about because of a face to face meeting. Meeting in person is even better but with Skype we can create personal bonds that were hard to develop before.Within 20 minutes I’d sorted out all their objections and fears and sufficiently assured them that it was time to move.The next day they paid their invoice and the website and copy writing is now all under way.This is not another “ And it might make you a lot of cash. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know that my money doesn’t just come from Blog Tyrant.I actually try to get my fingers in as many pies as is intelligently possible.So why is it that talking on Skype or meeting a person for lunch can be so much more powerful for selling a product or creating an important alliance? One of the most common questions that you guys asked on my unmasking post was about how we can speed up the whole process. Do the Blog Tyrant — unmask If you are blogging anonymously I think it might be time to consider getting your face out there. Collaboration potential – arrange Skype chats with bloggers whenever possible This is probably the most important point because by getting on Skype with bigger guys in your industry you often open up a lot of doors to new collaborations.

And then we jumped on the phone and met up for a quick coffee.I was amazed at how quickly the issues had been overcome by simply taking the time to talk to my client in a medium where they could hear my voice and see my face. And this problem applies very directly to blogging.You see the problem with us bloggers is that we are all quite tech-savvy.And I think almost every blogger is making the same mistake that I was.You see, blogging and internet marketing can be a really tiny industry sometimes.

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There are a few big players who dictate how things are done and then everyone else follows for a while.

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